BFGeosupply`s offers wireline services through the pool of equipment ready for deployment. Idea behind the business model is simple –
cooperation above competition. Today’s competitive wireline market puts special pressure on small and moderate size companies
in terms of equipment. Often, their work load does not justify purchase of quite expensive equipment. On the other hand, establishing
yet another servicing company means making the market smaller and competition tougher. Therefore, BFGeosupply offers services
which will complement partner servicing companies expanding their technical capabilities and expertise without serious capital
investment in new equipment. We encourage our partners to consider BFGeosupply as “Wireline Company without logging units”.
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Support and consulting:
Through consulting and business development activities between suppliers and end-users, BFGeosupply will endeavour to improve
existing logging systems, as well as developing new equipment and services; providing unique and tailor-made solutions.