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BFGeosupply was founded in 2013 in Vienna with idea to establish a solid reputation within oil & gas, geothermal & water, mining & geotechnical industry combining innovative engineering and expertise to deliver cost effective solutions for our customers. BFGeosupply addresses to large and small independents, as well as worldwide service companies. We pride ourselves on developing long-term mutually beneficial relationships with all of our customers. BFGeosupply establishes lasting partnerships with suppliers and technology companies. This enables BFGeosupply to leverage a broader range and scope of capability in order to provide our customers with integrated and tailor made solutions. We are a provider of various technical solutions to meet the demanding needs of our customers. BFGeosupply has a unique blend of technical expertise and operational experience, which allow us to challenge conventional methods of doing things and to seek out alternative low-cost ways to effectively and efficiently achieve our customer’s goals.


Our Team

Nebojsa Zavisin

Nebojsa Zavisin

Managing Partner, Geophysicist

Nebojsa was born 1969 in Belgrade, Serbia. He graduated in Applied Geophysics at Belgrade University 1997. From 1998 Nebojsa lives with his family in Vienna, Austria. In his 20 years career in the oil and gas industry he gathered wide experience in various fields.

Drazen Aljinovic

Drazen Aljinovic

Managing Partner, Geologist

Drazen was born in 1957 in Split, Croatia. He graduated in Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology at Zagreb University 1984. He has more than 30 years of experience in different fields within oil and gas industry, with expertise in wireline logging. Drazen lives in Vienna.


BFGeosupply’s focus is sale of wireline equipment and systems of less known small independent companies, but also renown suppliers, from North America and Europe. Some of the equipment, however is developed and manufactured by BFGeosupply, in close cooperation with our partner companies. Our sales process includes permanent consulting and communication with client in choosing the appropriate equipment, but also commissioning, support and training on site. Upon client’s request, design of new equipment or improvements of existing ones are possible.

Wireline Well Logging Equipment

for Open Hole and Cased Hole measurements: Wireline/Slickline Units (skid or truck/trailer/all-terrain vehicle), winchman/hoistman systems, surface acquisition systems (portable and rack-build-in), probes for mono-, four-, and seven-conductor cables, winches and cables, accessories, etc. Contact us: sales@bfgeosupply.com

E-Line, Slickline & Fishing Equipment

for different operations: pressure/temperature monitoring (permanent surface read out or memory), e-line cutters, samplers (bottom hole and fluid), different slickline and fishing tools, etc. Contact us: sales@bfgeosupply.com

Spare Parts for Logging Equipment

such as: Photo Multiplicator Tubes, Scintillation Crystals, High Voltage Modules, Gamma Ray Detector Assemblies, Helium 3 Detectors, Neutron Generators, Load Cells, Encoders, etc. Contact us: sales@bfgeosupply.com

Pressure Control Equipment

such as Wireline Valves, Lubricators, Tool-Traps, Grease-Heads, Vent/Injection Subs, Wellhead and Top Adapters, Line Wipers, Oilsavers, and other equipment. Also: Grease Injection Systems and Lubricator Trailers. Contact us: sales@bfgeosupply.com

Drilling & Production Equipment

Together with our long time European partners, BFGeosupply can offer different equipment for Drilling (Drilling Rigs, Drill Pipes) and Production (Sucker Rod and Progressive Cavity Pumps), as well as different accessories for both group of products. Contact us: sales@bfgeosupply.com

Auxiliary Equipment

such Wireline Gooseneck, C-Plates, Cables and Wires, Cable Heads, Sinker/Weight Bars, Centralizers and Decentralizers, X-Overs, Sheaves and other Accessories of various kinds; HT silicone greases, rubber and teflon tapes, thread sprays, etc . Contact us: sales@bfgeosupply.com

Equipment you need not listed?

In case you need any other piece of equipment related to operation in the borehole be free to contact us: sales@bfgeosupply.com


BFGeosupply, supported with the network of partner companies, offers various wireline services which can complement client’s technical capabilities and expertise without serious capital investment in new equipment. After establishing measuring program together with the client, required equipment will be put on disposal for the project. We will provide operation engineer who will execute the measurement. Full analysis and interpretation of measured data could be ordered as well. In some cases, the client or client’s contractors can participate in the field operation with appropriate equipment.

Through consulting and business development activities between suppliers and end-users, BFGeosupply improves existing business models, developing new equipment and services, providing unique and tailor-made solutions.

under construction

under construction

Services you need not listed?

In case you are looking for other services in the borehole, be free to contact us: sales@bfgeosupply.com


KOLLER Solutions

BFGeosupply is appointed as an official agent for East and Southeast Europe of KOLLER Solutions, Germany, a leading European manufacturer of Wireline and Logging UnitsFluid Pump UnitsCoiled Tubing Units, Mobile Workover RIGs, Test Equipment, Hydraulic Power Units, Workshop Equipment, Special Equipment, Structural Steelwork. Visit the web site: Koller Solutions or write to us on sales@bfgeosupply.com

Kambi Enterprises Inc

BFGeosupply is the European partner of KAMBI Enterprises Inc, Canada, the manufacturer and service provider of Directional Drilling, MWD and LWD. On this way KAMBI expands operations in Europe and North Africa. Visit the web site: KAMBI or write to us on sales@bfgeosupply.com

Kostad Oilfield Equipment

BFGeosupply is distributor of manufacturing program of KOSTAD Oilfield Equipment, Austria. Through this partnership, BFGeosupply and Kostad can offer equipment for oil production: Progressive Cavity and Sucker Rod Pumps, Drive Heads, Rod Pump Controllers, Torque Anchors, Blow Up Preventers, Non Rotating Centralizers and much more. Click for Kostad Equipment! or write to us on sales@bfgeosupply.com


BFGeosupply is distributor of manufacturing program of Advanced E-Line Solutions (AE-LS), USA. Through this partnership BFGeosupply can offer you equipment for wireline operations, such as: Free Point Tools, Casing Collar Locators, Cableheads, Sinker Bars, Centralizers, Magnetic De-Centralizers, Portable and Rack-mounted Panels, and other accessories. Visit the web site: AE-LS or write to us on sales@bfgeosupply.com

Manual & Workshop Tools & Accessories

BFGeosupply is a distributor of manufacturing program of Gearench: Tongs, Wrenches, Elevators, Vises, Gears & Pinions, Shop Equipment, Breakout Units, Flange Tools, Run Ticket Boxes, Sight Glasses, Tank Safety Gauges, etc. Click for Tools & Accessories! or write to us on sales@bfgeosupply.com

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